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We offer CNC Machining, Prototyping, and Woodworking for the DIY and Commercial Audio Community !

Our design and build process.....

This depends on the customer. If you are a hobbiest, chances are you will be choosing your drivers, giving us a general overall drawing, and letting us know all the processes that you would like us to complete. If you happen to be a company looking for prototyping, you may already have a CAD drawing or 3D model ready to go into production.

The first thing that needs to be done is the selecting of the drivers. Based on their overall dimensions, a 2D sketch and then a 3D model must be made of the front panel and/or cabinet either by the customer, or by us. This process helps to make sure that all the dimensions are correct for driver placement and recess depths. Whether your panel will be 3D sculpted or not depends on the customers design goals.

From this 3D model, tool paths and part holding fixtures are designed for the machining of the parts. Then the program is loaded and G-Code checked and edited into the CNC machining center. The parts are then machined and sent to you, unless we are to assemble, paint, or finish them for you. The options are limitless. We can either help you with a small part of the project, or we can handle the complete process. We also have an acoustics engineer at our disposal if you need a crossover designed and built for you ! Just send us the drivers and let us finish the rest.

Depending on your requests, your order may only take a few days to complete. If we are delivering finished cabinets it may take a matter of weeks. Either way you can be rest assured that your project will be coming along at agenerous pace, and you will receive it in the shortest amount of time possible.