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We offer CNC Machining, Prototyping, and Woodworking for the DIY and Commercial Audio Community !

What we do.....

Unless you are a serious hobbiest or contractor, chance are you probably don't have all the tools needed to practically design and build your own loudspeaker cabinets. This is a fact, take it from someone that has years of experience. There are many issues that come along with this hobbie that you probably just haven't thought of yet. Until you decide to actually go through with it, you will never know or run into the unforseeable hazards. We have been down this road many, many times, so take it from us. Lack of experience, tools, material sources, and work space are some of the serious issues to consider. You may be able to design a system, pick your drivers, and build the crossover, but cabinet build and finish require extensive knowledge and experience. Unless you have a great deal of free time, or an excess in finances, you may just want to leave the cabinet construction to someone else. That's what we are here for. And that's what we specialize in !

We have a wide range of experience in CAD design, 3D modelling, CNC programming and machining, fixturing, specialty tool design, cabinet assembly, veneering, and finishing. We are extensively experienced in just about anything that has to do with the manufacturing of loudspeaker products. We have designed and manufactued dozens of prototypes and hundreds of enclosures for various companies and individuals alike.

If you have a particular design in mind and need a custom kit of CNC'd parts, or only need a front baffle machined, we can do that for you at a reasonable price. Prototyping and small runs are what we do best. Don't waste your time with a local cabinet shop, most are setup with kitchen cabinets, furniture, and business signs at the heart of their business model. Other CNC shops have large scale manufacturing for industry in mind. These companies desire large minimum orders and don't have the time to be bothered by your small project.

These problems just do not apply with us. We have never done anything other than audio,and we plan to keep it that way. Custom audio related woodworking is our business. If you can dream it, we can most likely produce it. Whether it's a simple box, or something 3D scuplted and quite high end, trust us with your project and you will definitely be more than satisfied.

We have the ability to machine all wood products, most plastics, and aluminum and copper also. If you need engraved face plates for various electronic audio equipment, we can do that as well. Just get in touch with us and let us know what it is you are looking forward to creating, and we can help you make it a reality.